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Weymouth weekend

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Our club and a few friends spent last weekend in Weymouth. Good weather and clear visibility made for an excellent series of dives. 

Our first dive was the wreck of the ‘Elena R’, a cargo ship built in 1917. She was sunk by a mine in 1939. Parts of the superstructure are still intact but the broken parts of the wreck also offer lots of entertainment. There were claws, feelers and bulgy eyes looking out from under every metal plate! 

In the afternoon the wind and sea state made us seek shelter in Balaclava Bay off Portland harbour. An exciting drift dive ensued which became increasingly swift as we neared Grove point. Rocky reefs and sandy patches made for a good scenic drive with some scallops to bag for our tea. 

The wind was gentler on Sunday, enabling us to motor out to the wreck of the Aeolean Sky, off Kimmeridge Bay. Bult in 1979 this large freighter collided with another vessel and sank in 30 metres of sea at the end of that year. It is resting on its port side and much of the superstructure is intact with other parts bent and twisted. The good visibility (6 meters +) swim-throughs  and the marine life made this a superb dive. 

Our second dive was on the Lulworth Banks where we enjoyed scenic rock ridges giving way to the flat scallop beds where more seafood was on offer. A great week end very well organised by Tapsa and Richard – thanks guys. 

Harjit & Isabel

TSAC members enjoy a drink and a meal after the Weymouth dive. The English Channel

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