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Learn to scuba dive

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Learn, train and dive with Teddington Sub Aqua Club


Learn to scuba dive with us. The British Sub-Aqua Club’s training programmes are acknowledged worldwide for their thoroughness and emphasis on safety. The qualifications you will achieve are respected and recognised all around the world.

Try Dive

The first step in getting introduced to scuba diving is the ‘Try Dive’. Its primary purpose is to allow people to find out more about the sport: what it’s like to dive in safe, controlled conditions and, if they feel inclined to go further, what learning to dive involves and will cost. People also get the chance to meet club members, get involved and have fun.

Stage one of gaining a diving qualification with BSAC is the Ocean Diver course, which qualifies you to dive to 20 metres. This involves classroom lessons, practical pool training and sheltered water sessions, during which we’ll teach you the core scuba skills. All lessons are performance based so you learn at your own pace. You can find more information on the Ocean Diver course here.

Snorkeller training

For both children and adults, snorkelling is a great introduction to underwater sports and can be the first step towards scuba diving.

The course involves theory and practical lessons and an assessment which cover safety, type, use and care of the equipment and a range of practical skills.
You can find more information on the Snorkeller Training Course here.

Scuba Refresher Sessions

Not dived for a while?

If it’s been a while (maybe six months or maybe ten years or more!) since you were last in the water, you may:

  • have forgotten how to put the dive gear together
  • be worried about your buoyancy control
  • not remember ever doing rescue skills

One of our Instructors will take you through skills in the swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t dived for years or have just done a handful of dives, the session will be tailored to you. You can find more information on the Scuba Refresher Course here.

Find out how to progress your dive training here.

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