How TSAC ‘warm up’ at the start of a new season

Fancy plunging into a cold water lake at the end of winter? Neither do we, that’s why we wear drysuits! Find out more about our ‘shake out’ dives …

Vobster Expedition 11 April 2015

by Peter C

With some of us recovering from a winter hibernation away from diving, Vobster was once again the first outing on the dive programme. There were 14 people in all; 13 were diving and John Scott kindly offered to do the dive slate for us all.

Attendance at Vobster had a triple purpose:

1  Shake out dive to test equipment for those who wanted it.
2   Some divers paired up to do their own thing after discussion with the DM.
3  A sports training weekend under the supervision of both Carol and Valerie, this being the first day.

Everyone was in good spirits on arrival. A safety brief and dive programme outline was given by the DM initially and then it was down to business. The temperature of the water was, this time round, kind to ones extremities (toes and hands before you comment!).

The sports diver element went well too. In summary, the achievements of each diver is set out below and well done to them.

1  Joanna Siemaszko completed SO3 (use of line underwater and underwater navigation – nailed the navigation) and SO4 (use of the DSMB).
2  Mark, Dan, Jamal and Zack all completed skills relevant to their Sport Diver qualification.

Vobster is always a useful jumping off (not literally) point for the TSAC dive programme for the year.

Thanks to all.


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